• Onsite Repair


  • ACR Computers offers the onsite computer support when and where you need it. Our technicians will come right to your home or office to address your issues quickly and effectively. We can help you design a complete network solution, improve your computer's speed, install hardware and software, or service a single computer that is not working properly. Our knowledgeable technical staff has the experience and expertise to help you purchase and maintain technology tailored to your needs. We set up and maintain both wired and wireless networks.

    Why Onsite Service?

    Onsite computer service is the most convenient and time efficient way to address your needs. In addition to convenience, there are many technical support issues which cannot be solved by your computer coming in for service.

    How the Process Works

    Just call us for a free phone consultation, which will help you determine the best course of action. If you would like a technician to come to your home or office, we'll send our most qualified technician to solve your specific issues.


  • Business Solutions

    Are you tired of working around your computer systems? Let us help your computers work for you. ACR Computers specializes in helping small businesses with technology. We are dedicated to quality service and treat our customer's computer systems as though they were our own.

    We provide onsite technical support services for business professionals, business owners, and small and medium-sized businesses. We can troubleshoot all office computing issues ranging from email functions to securing networks, from performing backups to resolving any hardware or software issue you may encounter. Help ensure your success by protecting your hardware investment with dependable service from ACR Computers.


  • Networking Consultation

    Find out what it takes to connect your home or office before you even make a purchase. We will visit your home or business to survey your networking needs. We can explain the benefits of networking your PC and MAC computers to share files, printers and other resources.

    Network Installation

    Share the Internet, printers and files from anywhere in your home or office with a securely installed wireless network. A highly qualified technician will come to your home or office and set up or troubleshoot your wired/wireless network.

    Wireless Security Setup

    Most people don't take the time to secure their wireless networks. Leaving your connection open has many security risks, including unauthorized access of your information as well as being open to someone hijacking your system for the purpose of sending spam and viruses. Let us come to your home or office and help protect your wireless network.

    Network Troubleshooting and Repair

    Having problems with your network? We will discover the cause of the problem and repair your network quickly. Let us help you get your wired/wireless network running smoothly and securely.

    Performance Optimization

    Over time, computers accumulate many unnecessary programs and software add-ons. These programs compete for system resources, steal disk space, and take up memory. Just like prunning the branches of a tree, sometimes files and software have to be removed for the overall heath of your computer. We can work with you to determine what applications you use and clean off the rest. This makes a huge difference in free space and performance.

    New Computer Setup

    Let us help you get the most out of your new computer. We can get rid of pre-installed junk software that you'll never use, help you understand the features of your new system, and get you connected to the internet. We will stay as long stay as long as it takes to ensure your satisfaction and comfort.

    Safety & Security

    Be sure you know what's happening on your computer. Although the Internet is a powerful resource and gateway to information, it can also bring the risk of data loss, identity theft and other headaches such as persistent pop ups and slow performance. With careful use and awareness, however, everyone can take advantage of the benefits of online education and entertainment with safety and confidence. Let us analyze your current anti-virus and anti-spyware configuration and make suggestions on maximizing your safety and security.

    Repairs and Upgrades

    We’ll discover the root of your problem and then repair and optimize your computer. We can even install new hardware or software.

    Complete System Diagnosis

    This extensive diagnosis will find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems. We will thoroughly check your system's hardware, including memory, hard drive, video, CPU, motherboard and more. Provided all your hardware is good, we will move on to check for virus and spyware programs.

    Hardware Installation

    Our technician will install internal or external hardware devices onto your desktop or laptop computer.