• Bench Repair

    Some repairs require state of the art diagnostic equipment and need to come in on our bench. So ACR offers free pickup and delivery of your PC for your convience. Most repairs and upgrades can be completed in just a couple of days. Often the time spent repairing computers is spent waiting on loading, testing, and updating the system. With bench repair the customer is not being billed for this unattended time.


  • Data & System Protection

    Computers are like cars, they must be regularly cleaned and optimized to prevent major problems from occurring. Backing up data is critically important for a business. Let us work with you to implement a backup plan that will quickly restore sanity in the event of a crash.

    Moving Data from an older computer to a new one

    ACR Computers can take the data stored on your older computer and copy to your new system.

    Reloading Windows Or Upgrading To A Newer Version

    As the ever changing world of computers evolves newer software and hardware requires the latest version of Windows. ACR Computers can back up your data and reload your system with the Windows 7. Note: Not all hardware is compatible with windows 7 and may require some hardware upgrades.

    Privacy & Security

    Keep your company computers free from ads and secure from prying eyes. Many programs you or staff members install can be bundled with software that spies on your computer use for marketing purposes, identity theft, or fraud. Learn safe computing practices like how to keep the sensitive information stored on your PC safe. Having the latest virus protection installed is of paramount importance. On average, one in seven e-mail messages contains malicious code. Websites can spread viruses simply by browsing them.